European Youth Association – Principles

1.) Our Guiding Principle: With full knowledge, in communion to eternal youth!

Based on this, we collaborate constructively within the Alliance and with our partners. We believe in the Makarenko principle that the purpose and meaning of human life is “in the community, for community, community!”

2.) The Association maintains, protects and develops

the European Union, the traditions, friendship and cooperation of the peoples and nations of Europe.

3.) Our ideology:

our Principles, and its further development, is “Dialectic Idealism”,

3.1) Life is a reality in which we consider the equality and dynamic balance of love, health, and love to be important.

3.1.1.) The source of life on Earth is the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth.

3.2) As in man, the human being is in mankind, in society.

3.3) We consider nations, the single European Union, to be higher intelligence.

3.4) Dual pairs, the ideal, complementary and sustainable relationships between men and women are an important part of our world view.

3.5.) On the upper levels we consider eternal beings: the divine party of the Sun God and the moon god in the world of good gods.

3.6.) Human life is counted from the conception of man to man, so it is sentient and conscious.

3.7) Death is a misconception, a “belief” in non-existence, nothingness, which is the most evil manipulation. It destroys the death of death, it also dampens the body, the spirit, the humanity.

3.8.) After overcoming the deadly, deadly constraints, the spirit and consciousness of man are purified, and after judging his actions, he lives either in the angelic sphere or in other (demonic, gray) worlds;

3.9) One of our main goals is the angelic sphere and its strengthening, which is an ideal organized social system.

3.10) The material is objective reality, independent of our consciousness and interaction.

3:11. We regard music dance, handwriting, the Internet, and the monetary system as the most intelligent inventions of mankind, which are useful tools for the development and development of human life, and the creation and retention of ideal relationships.

3:12. The purpose of the planned human work is to expand and develop the production forces (man, communities).

3:13. We believe that there are other civilizations like the humanity or more intelligent, with which the contact can be useful for both parties.

4.) EYA is based on the principle of democratic centralism,

Thus, EYA is also a centrally regulated system of free initiatives and associations in the X-party system.

4.1) The Center and the Membership form an equal and interactive unit.

4.2.) Everybody does what he has, what he likes and has the opportunity, and what the community, society needs, will benefit!

4.3) The person, the community, receives the goods produced on the basis of the work done and the needs.

5.) The member of EYA is born in Europe

may be a person who is at least 16 years old, up to 64 years old, and accepts our Principles.

5.1) We are consciously extending the upper age of the young age to 64, because we believe we know that one can live a healthy, youthful life at least 64 years old. Age is highly dependent on consciousness.

5.2) EYA members may also include organizations that accept our Principles.

6.) Organization of European Youth Association:

6.1.) The central management is provided by the Bureau.

6.2) The Organizing Committee shall be established by the Bureau, from membership, activists, sympathizers.

6.3) The Activist Clubs are the most important platform for the EFISZ movement. The Activist Clubs include members, activists, sympathizers.

6.4.) In the Action Groups, the members of the group are focused on a specific topic or program for successful implementation.

6.5) The activity of the Function Groups is usually continuous, a specific function – PR, IT, sponsorship, etc. – specialize in doing it.

7.) Center of EYA

They prepare an annual action program and a three-year plan that complies with our Principles.

7.1.) We continuously evaluate, revise and develop our plans based on our experience, facts, knowledge and goals.

7.2.) Our central website is at

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*** Our ideology:  Dialectical idealism ***

The XXI. world view and ideology of the 20th century

European Youth Association * Soul Research Institute * *** Péter Szilvásy founder Y * 2022-07-05

– 1. – Basics

Our goals, plans, organization and operation are appropriate, modern, 21st century. based on current ideology and worldview in the 20th century, we develop it dialectically, our goal is an ideal world.

We create it in the X-party-1 system, in a constructively cooperative, topic-oriented informal community. We constantly discuss our ideology.

*** Our values ​​and goals in brief: ***

Knowledge * Creation * Relationship * Community * Experience * Development

Feasibility * Developability * Sustainability

+++ 1 +++

The complex system of Astro-Geo-Social-Psycho-Somatics

“Somatics” means the physique, the body. The physical, chemical and biological body and space.

“Psycho” means the world of spirit-consciousness-mind, thinking, remembering.

“Social” means partnership, company, family, community, society, nation, humanity.

“Geo” means the world of Earth, the living planet, water, earth, air, fire.

“Astro” means the Sun, the Moon, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the world of the stars, the cosmos.

+++ 2 +++

The world, life, actually exists without an interpretable beginning and end, it develops and changes in a cycle, iteratively.

We consider the Sun, the Moon and the Earth to be the main source of life for humanity.

+++ 3 +++

In life, love, health, love – we consider the equality and dynamic balance of the female and male principles to be important.

Just as in the physical space, similarly in the spirit world, every effect has a reaction, bad is bad, good is good.

+++ 4 +++

People think based on their dreams and desires.

He decides based on his knowledge and thinking.

He acts on his decisions.

He experiences based on his actions.

He evaluates based on his experience.

Based on your reviews, you’ll think again.

Budapest * 2022-07-05