European Youth Association is the head organiser of the EU-EXPO

We organiser the European Festivals Network.
The next head program: EU-EXPO and The World Beauty Day: 9-14 Oct. 2018
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*** Our head ideas and systems ***

Towards eternal youth by entire body consciousness!

2.    Fór the sake of our Guiding Principle, we cooperate constructively within the EYA and with our partners in the form of a community. The EYA preserves, protects and develops the traditions, friendships and cooperation of the people and nations of Europe. We regard handwriting,the internet and money the most intelligent instruments of humankind, the basis fór us is the Euro which denotes a higher system.

3.    In our worldview life is reality, and we consider the equality and dynamic balance of affection, health and lőve exceedingly important. On the basis of the principle “Liké the cell in the humán organism, likwise the individual in the society”, we regard the unión of nations, thus the European Union the manifestation of higher intelligence.The basis of our view of life is constituted by dual pairs, the Mán and the Woman, ideally completing each other. Ön higher levels these are the immortal Göd of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon who form a divine couple We béliévé that humán life begins át the moment of conception, when it is already sensitive and consciuos.Death is a phenomenon that arises from the misbelief of non-existence, and after conquering this delusion the sóul is reborn, either in the world of angelic dimensions őr in other worlds and forms of existence.

4.    One can be the member of EYA if he/she was born in Europe, is minimum 14, maximum 64 years old and is ready öt accept our Guiding Princples. The upper limit of young age is intentionally extended up to 64 years, ás we béliévé that the one who lives a healthy and youthful life can reach at least 64 years of age.

5.    The operation of EYA is based ön the principle of democratic centralism. The free initiatives and partnerships together with the central guidance consitute a purposeful, organised and efficient functioning, fór the sake of which we pursue profitable ventures.

6.    The fundamental units of the EYA are constituted by the presidency (the Centre), the basic organisations, the action and function groups in which sympathizers, supporters and füll members officiate.

7.    The Centre and the fundamental units of the EYA prepare a one-year action program and a three-year plán according tó the Guiding Principle,and, fór the sake of their realistaion, they operate international relations and pursue economic activity.

8.    The EYA was established by the Yrisz Klub on 25 March 2011 ön the 6th Conference of Body Consciousness in an X-party l system, in terms of the constructive cooperation.

9.    Our First Congress is going tó be organised ön 4 August 2012, when we are going tó decidé ön the personal, formai details and contents of our operation.

Ali our Fundamental Principles are pút tó debate in a broader circle by the Organising Committee of the EYA.

Budapest, 1 July, 2012. * 2018-04-10